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About Us

ISAUW (Indonesian Student Association at the UW) is a non-profit cultural organization with the purpose of uniting the Indonesian community within the university as well as to promote our Indonesian culture to the community in the greater Seattle Area.

Since 2001, we have established a platform for Indonesian students at University of Washington to create a unifying community based on common interest in Indonesian culture.

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Mission & Vision

To become the most leading and innovative Indonesian student association, in creating respectful, well-rounded, diverse yet nationalistic, young Indonesian leaders.

  • To hold events that would promote the many unique and diverse cultures of Indonesia to the Indonesian community and beyond
  • To unite and strengthen the bonds amongst the different Indonesiancommunities around the University of Washington, Greater Seattle Area, and the world
  • To provide a versatile learning experience through hands-on approaches

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Quick Info

Founded - 2011

Emblem - Garuda

Red Maroon -
White -

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